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CarematchAmerica was created by a consumer for the consumer; because our founder, Carol was once a frustrated consumer, looking for an assisted living community for her Mom, and got fed up with the current ways of finding care.  Going through lists, yellow page ads and booklets of many different locations, and then having to visit each one to see what they are really like, was not going to work. Additionally, there were the search engine companies that required her to enter personal information, only to be shared with everyone on "their" list in the area.  Those calls never ended and some weren't even what she was looking for. 

Carol Mom

Making the move into this stage of life is hard enough, without the endless stress and questions of where to begin, what to look for, and what is best for your loved one!  That's why you will see that CarematchAmeria is that special place to search for the unique things caregivers desire for their parents or loved ones, receive assistance and guidance from our Concierge service, as well as be connected to local Financial Advisors trained on educating you about how to prepare and pay for care.  The idea of searching from the comfort of your home, narrowing down the search, and then spending quality time visiting the short list of final choices is the idea, without being a referral on someone's list. 

If you are looking for Home care, Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Hospice, or maybe you're not even quite sure what to look for, we want to help you. We will give you the skills by EDUCATING you on what needs to be done, where to go, and how to go about it. EQUIPPING you with the tools to get it done and EMPOWERING you to be in the best place or get the best caregiving situation possible.  

There are so many choices to make, more than ever before.  

If you are a Provider of Elder Care services, please take some time to build your showcase here, so caregivers can find you. Showcase  your community and/or the amenities you provide.  You will be part of a tours that we bring to your community.  You will be a part of our blogs on this website. You will be a part of the Financial Advisor tours to your community and their referral system.  You will be a part of our Social Media family.  We are more than a website, we are a COMMUNITY dedicated to finding companies and organizations that believe what we believe and want to create a better system for the greater good of our Seniors!  Are you that company, ready for a change?

To the Seniors and their families; you have our word... CAREMATCH AMERICA IS NOT A REFERRAL COMPANY! We will NEVER give out your names or contact information, unless instructed to do so.  We are about YOU; assisting you in finding the right MATCH for the care or living environment you desire.   In addition if you create a user account with us, you will be able to comment on communities and caregivers, save searches to your favorites, compare providers and communities and share searches with others. 

So enjoy watching us grow, and by all means let us help you.  We have been where you are.  If you are just getting started, you might enjoy Carol's book "It's As Simple As Where You Live, A Guide For Beginning the Journey into Eldercare".  

Together we can make a difference for tomorrow! 

(Oh, and by the way if you're not sure what you're looking for...call our concierge! We can help! 1-888-MATCH-70.)