Dr. Kori Novak

Carematch America is proud to partner with Kori D. Novak, PhD, MBA.

Dr. Novak, is a seasoned and creative leader in healthcare and public affairs with a broad range of experience in eldercare, hospice services, and healthcare strategy.

As a thought leader in the eldercare industry, Dr. Novak is a researcher in Gerontology at The Oxford Research Centre on Humanities.  Dr. Novak has been a guest eldercare and prison expert on various NPR and radio programs as well as on Dr. Oz and other television programs.

She is an international sought after expert, lecturing in places such as Oxford University, University Campus Suffolk, The University of Budapest, The University of Vienna and the University of Cardiff in Wales.  In addition, she is often asked to speak at various international healthcare and correctional conferences in Asia, Australia and Central Europe.

Dr. Novak has a Ph.D. in Human Services and Gerontology, where she specializes in degenerative neuro-cognitive disease and aging in the U.S. corrections system and hospice and end of life care.  She was a post doctoral fellow in palliative and end of life care at The Stanford School of Medicine.

In addition to her Ph.D., Dr. Novak earned an MBA from Pepperdine University and a Bachelor's degree in International Relations and Russian from The University of Denver.

Read along or ask questions here as Dr. Kori blogs about things involving caregiving, communication with dementia patients and much more.

Kori Novak
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