A Note From our Founder & CEO

Carol Chiarito CareMatch America Founder and CEO


I am so happy to roll out to you our newest version of CarematchAmerica.  The Carematch team has been dedicating their time and research to you, the consumer to discover the real trials and tribulations of the elder care journey.  I feel we are moving down a path designed with the consumer's needs and wants in mind, while creating a better and more successful marketing experience for the care providers.

In the words of our gerontologist Dr. Kori Novak; Long term care isn't something that happens only to elders.  It happens to elders AND the people they love.  That is why CarematchAmerica is expanding our reach to more than just elders looking for care.  Carematch is creatiing a community, both online and in your area, filled with informative workshops, tours, Financial Advisors trained by Carematch on how to help you understand the financial piece of this journey, and so much more.  You will be seeing my Coffee, Cookies and Conversation series in communities around the country and on line.  

I'd like to know more about your questions, your issues and what you'd like to see as we continue to move this forward.  Let me know what you are going through, and share those journeys with others.  One thing I have found in my years of research for this website, is that THE STORIES ARE ALL THE SAME!  Some people have  a bit more drama, but all in all the stories follow a certain predictible path, and I know that by sharing, you will help someone else through that same issue.

Carematch wants to instill the idea that referring consumers to a block of businesses is no longer acceptable!  The days of you as the consumer receiving phone calls from providers luring you to visit thier facility are coming to an end.  My mission at CarematchAmerica is to do away with that archaeic way of doing business that is so costly to the providers and so intruding to you the consumer. 

So, I look forward to sharing our journey with you as we travel around the country telling our story.  We may be small, but our voice is loud and clear!.  If you agree, let us know!  Share us with your friends and family.  Get on board this consumer-centered train!  Be sure to subscribe to the CarematchAmerica newsletter and stay informed about the things you want to know more about.  

All of this because I needed to help my Mom find a place to live, that she loved, and would allow her to bring her little dog! 

Thanks for visiting CarematchAmerica!

Carol J. Chiarito