Understanding ElderCare – The 5 Levels of ElderCare

In June 2016 I attended a conference in Vancouver, BC Canada.  I sold my books at this conference and I was contacted a few days after by Lee Meng Choe from Singapore, inquiring if he could write an article for his client newsletter and use my book.  Below I have noted a little bit about Lee Meng Choe and a link to the wonderful article he did on my book!  This proves; Elder care education is happening everywhere!!  Thanks Lee!!

Carol Chiarito, Founder


lee meng 2

Lee Meng Choe, a Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner, is a practicing financial planner with 16 years of experience.  He primarily focuses on solving the financial planning issues faced by the middle class where good financial advice can make the most difference.  To him, the impact of good or bad financial advice to these group of people who are “too rich to be poor and too poor to be rich” is the difference between financial independence and bankruptcy.

A co-creator of the “Building Transferable Wealth” financial planning concept, he is passionate about sharing the concept to help bring clarity to the complexities of personal financial planning. 

His areas of specialization includes Financial Plan Design, Identifying Planning Gaps, Insurance Needs Analysis, Planning for Retirement and Estate Planning.

Meng Choe is currently a Financial Services Director with Professional Investment Advisory Services Pte Ltd, one of the leading financial advisory firms in Singapore.

 Click on this link to be directed to his article: http://www.gen.com.sg/insurance/understanding-eldercare-the-5-levels-of-eldercare/