Let's Talk about the HEART here!

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I am sure you thought this article was going to be on Heart Health, or Heart attack prevention....Nope, it's about a LOVING, CARING  HEART.  

Here's the deal, we all love our parents, our parents love us (for the most part, right?).  The problem is, we as children think our parents are going to be around forever.  We think they will always be able to care for themselves, cook for themselves, etc.  Then one day, we wake up and we realize our parents just aren't who they used to be.  We notice the changes (a little), but ignore them as "just getting older" issues.  As a parent, you may notice these things as well, and write them off the same way.  In fact, most seniors realize these changes long before anyone else does and then do a very good job of hiding those clues from their loved ones.  

So my HEART conversation with you today (both of you..Parents AND Children, or loved ones) is to begin having conversations about what you want when the time comes.  Yes, I said WHEN the time comes.  You may first start with home care.  Know the differences.  You may want an Independent Living for social and other group settings, and then you may need to progress to Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing.  

Kids; have conversations with your parents about what they want.  The most important discussions you can have at the dinner table or any family event coming up, is about this issue.  Parents will be afraid, sometimes refuse to discuss at first.  They will think you may have alterior motives, that's ok.  (Show them this blog).  Little by little things will begin to open up and discussions will begin between everyone.  

Caring about someone and wanting the best care for them is very important.  But caring about what they want is even more important.  So, learning about what is out there in home care, Independent Care, Assisted Liviing, Skilled Nursing, Hospice care, is very important.  Understanding the differences between each one is crucial to understand as soon as possible.  

My friends at Carematch America are so interested in getting families to talk, they will coach you though it if you need help.  They will help in every way possible, just ask.  

In this month of Valentines, love, and reflection on those we truly care about, think about my message here today.  Think about it and then begin to act.  

Call my friends at Carematch America if you have further questions.  Don't try doing it alone, and for heaven's sake DON'T ENTER YOUR NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS  on a website and think you are going to get help!  Please don't become a referral.  You deserve bettter.

Thanks for reading!