Carematch Advisors are licensed Insurance and Financial Representatives who want a new reason to reconnect with their clients as well as attract new clients. 


Most advisors talk money, investments and insurance with their clients.  Carematch teaches new and more encompassing conversations to be had around the ideas of current and future elder care wants and needs.  

There is a massivie opportunity in this area.  By becoming a Carematch recognized advisor or agent, you will be educated through our specialized trainings, given specialized tools to share with your clients and their families, and be eligible for referrals for perspective seniors and their families in your area that may need financial guidance on the subject. 

You will be able to offer:

  • Elders and their families understand care options.
  • Elders find the right type of care, financially speaking.
  • Consequences to family/dependents/caretakers/portfolio and abilty to support. 
  • Families an understanding of ways to communicate about Elder care.
  • Families the piece of mind of understatnding their choices.
  • Ways to calculate the gap between income stream and annual needed resources.
  • Evaluation and provide options for their needs.

What you can expect:

Prepare you:                                             Equip You:                                          Promote yourself:

Industry Training                                      Provide tools of engagment               Subject specific seminar                   

Behaviorial Training                                 Industry tips & unique ideas                Guest speaking opportunities

Financial Aspects Overview                   Checklists to help guide clients            Exclusive Referral area*

The approved CarematchAdvisor becomes a member of a national network of trained advisors.  The CarematchAdvisor is eligible to be introduced to individuals who have indicated they would like to meeet with someone qualified to help guide them and their families through the maze of planning AND funding for longevity. 

Someone needs to get the conversation started with the family, we think it should be you; the trusted advisor! 

Let's get started!

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The Mission of the Carematch Advisor program:

EDUCATE  seniors and their families on eldercare and its process,

EQUIP them with the tools to get it done, and

EMPOWER seniors and thir families to find the best caregiving situation possible.

 *referral area is decided upon the initial interview 

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